Group Activities and Objectives

Group Activities and Objectives

Stepping Stone2to Objectives are to use learning activities to help identify and work on areas, which inhibit full participation in society.

To train, empower, and enable people to become part of an existing peer group, helping to support people less able through the sharing of experiences.

To participate in activities, to develop skills to overcome, cope, and manage real life situations, which cause social exclusion.

Through well-constructed and developed learning schemes, activities will be carried out which involve topics such as, self-esteem, dignity, respect, emotional well-being, value, and acceptance.

Group Activities

Lifeskills – explored real life situations through Drama, Numeracy, Literacy, experiential work skills training, Cooking, And Gardening.

Arts and Crafts – includes Model Making, Papercrafting, Zentangle Art, Colourist Work, and Knitting.

Health and Well-Being – Exercise, Cooking, Personal Image, and Relaxation.

Social Networking – members create a network of friends through the group, attending meals and daytrips.