Sunday, 18 March 2018

Nigel's Weight Lifting Progression

Nigel, as well as Tra has also been on a journey to eventually deadlift his own bodyweight, and so far has put a tremendous effort into every lift on that journey.

Unfortunately, Nigel has lost his way on this journey, his bodyweight has been stuck at just under sixteen stones for some time now, he has admitted that he has been eating more than he should, and hasn’t been putting the effort required into his unsupported workouts.

He does however continue to put the maximum effort into the workouts on Friday, has made gains in many areas, irrespective of his weight issue. He shows greater focus, is more flexible, and mobile.

His strength has increased, in tandem with the improvements in his technique. He is able to discern instruction, and articulate his understanding, or ask questions if he is unsure.

I believe that given Nigel’s disability, plus other impacting factors, this blip in his training is to be expected, and not insurmountable. He will get through this and come out the other side stronger mentally, and physically, and lift his bodyweight. Which one, we will see!!


Saturday, 17 March 2018

Weight Lift Personal Goal Achievement

Today Tra successfully deadlifted her own bodyweight, plus.

To say I am delighted alongside her would be a massive understatement!

Today she was 3.75kgs away from lifting her bodyweight, which was scheduled to be completed last week, but due to a flare up in Tras condition, and my having Manflu, she was unable to make her attempt.

Today however, after I was about to load the bar for Nigel for his next lift, which had more than the weight Tra was going to attempt next time around, she stopped me dead and told me she wanted to make an attempt! How could I refuse!

After feeling the weight in order to focus on the lift, she moved it from the floor by a few inches, then a few inches more, turned to me, gave me a cheeky grin, and the look of someone who was determined to succeed!

She then walked to the bar, knowing this was way out of what she had initially set herself, got positioned, total silence, but for her breathing, and the clock ticking, she readied herself.

Movement, breath, strong legs rocked back on their heels, arms locked, shoulders back, head square, up that weight went, she did it!!!! 
Applause, high fives, a look on her face which was a mixture of relief, ecstasy, and one of, “Have I really just lifted that amount of weight?!”

Determination, will, focus, hard graft, and the building of lean hard muscle, all contributed to Tras eventual success in the goal she had set herself. I am so proud of where she has got to, to have been a part of her journey, and to have witnessed first-hand the successful lift, was indeed an absolute joy.

More to come Tra Mc Nichol!!


Sunday, 25 February 2018

Pancake Fun

It has been a while since Stepping Stone 2to members have done a cooking activity. They are always enjoyable and successful sessions.

Members decided to have a pancake making day. We had a discussion about how we would go about making the pancakes and decided on getting ready made mix. As much fun as been covered in flour would of been 😄

This was a fun activity has everyone was looking forward to making pancakes, and as with all our activities people support each other. We encourage fun, experiential learning, so there is plenty of laughter. As the video shows and  Harry use to be in a band you know 😃 

This activity helped members to work together as a team, improving their communication skills by discussing each stage of the pancake cooking. 
They changed choices throughout, when required, again improving their decision making and as with all these activities this improves their confidence.

The pancakes tasted good and everyone thought theirs was the best pancake 😄