Saturday, 9 December 2017

Christmas Meal 2017

It's that time of the year, the Christmas Meal.

This year we also tried a different venue, which everyone enjoyed. The food was lovely and the staff were very helpful and welcoming.

Our newest Trustee Member was able to join us this year too. He has contributed a great deal to Stepping Stone 2to before coming on board as a Trustee and the members are always happy whenever he comes along to activities doing support work.

Not everyone could attend this year due to ill health, and their absense was felt. However, we enjoyed our day and had our usual family gathering at this time of year.

Whenever the core members gather, we support and care for each others, as well as having fun. This day was no different, some have had a very difficult time of late, however, everyone supported them and helped make this years Christmas Meal a relaxing, fun and caring event.

As always there are more photos of the Facebook page, please do come and chat with us there -

Saturday, 25 November 2017

Stepping Stone 2to Charity News Update

Welcome, received with gladness, admitted willingly, free to enjoy, kind reception.

Northside Community Centre, Stella and all her staff, and volunteers epitomise the above meaning of making all the people who attend, or just pop into the centre, welcome.
It’s taken us a little while to settle again after moving, and losing our lovely friend Raymond, but we now feel we can breathe again whilst pursuing our ethos in our new environment.

We also got some good news recently after a bid for funding compiled by Tra and I was successful. The application was submitted to the Cooperative society, who were seeking out organisations that were adding social benefit to the local communities in which they operated. They very kindly put their faith in what we do, and for that, we are very grateful indeed.

Jennifer is working through a very difficult time emotionally at present and has shown great strength, and fortitude in the face of what is, for her, another burden to carry. Once more, I am very proud of her.
Gary has also shown great strength, and fortitude in the face of very difficult times, he continues to push on. Top man Gary.
Lucy has struggled with a chest complaint and is awaiting consultation on her prognosis. Again as with others in her peer group, Lucy continues to push on regardless, and still finds the time to make us all laugh. So proud of her.

Nigel, after some issues with some weight gain continues to improve his fitness, and is now starting to upgrade his flat with new carpets, and curtains. Mark is going through next Monday, to assist in some preparation for redecoration, work which Mark enjoys, and has shown a flair for in the past.
Mark continues to make good progress in all areas of his fitness, and continues to make our sessions an absolute joy with his sense of fun.

Tra as ever continues to astound with her fitness and steely determination whenever the training gets tough. Her technical ability when executing the fighting drills is a joy to behold, and I often reflect on what she could have achieved as a fighter had she entered into my world many years ago. She would have been a most formidable opponent I am certain. Ask Mark!!

Be well and happy. Harry on behalf of Stepping Stone 2to 😊

Sunday, 19 November 2017

Independent Living Podcast Discussion Part 1

Those involved with Stepping Stone 2to discuss their experiences of living alone. Together they highlight the difficulties people face when living alone with LDD

Saturday, 28 October 2017

Fitness Progression - Tra's Continuing Journey

Progression, a movement of the parts in harmony: movement by successive stages.

Tra has I feel made progress in all the important areas, lean muscle, strength, power, speed, technique, and most importantly, focus.

Her attitude to progressive exercise is one of grit, steely will, and stern determination.
Her body shape has developed into a symmetrically, finely tuned, highly efficient engine that purrs with relative ease throughout its journey.

Introspection, and scientific thinking, are an ever present thematic in everything that Tra does. This enables her to ask questions of herself, the activity, where each part presented fits, helping her to constantly fine-tune her engine whenever, and wherever needed along the way.

Trauma was an ever-present barrier in Tras progressive mind-set early on, often inhibiting her along the way throughout the activities. I regularly drew her attention to how her trauma would constantly revisit her thoughts whenever she had to go beyond her capabilities.
She listened, saw how this could affect her progression, internalised this, and totally changed her mind-set, thereby enabling her to achieve levels way beyond her original beliefs she had of her abilities.

Tra has taken to everything I have presented to her. Questions are only ever asked where relevant to her understanding, and more importantly, they are only asked in order that she can carry out the activity to her maximum.

Her fighting ability continues to blossom each session. Her speed, power, and technical abilities are way beyond her time in training. Her focus when executing drills, combination strikes, and footwork is exceptional. She was born to be a fighter.

A joy to teach, a joy to train with, and a fantastic teacher of others when truly confident of her ability. Tras journey continues and the best is yet to come!

Harry on behalf of Stepping Stone 2to. 😊