Sunday, 13 August 2017

Podcast Rights and Choices Part 1

Hi all, just to let you know that we are now setting up a regular podcast for our charity, which will be designed to allow people with complex needs, with support, to discuss the issues they face on a regular basis. 
These discussions will be open, and honest, enabling people who live with complex needs, to better understand why they face certain barriers which inhibit their full and positive access to mainstream society. Why they are often unable to resolve factors which create these barriers, and how they can be at the centre of the solutions process.

We hope that by doing this we not only help the clients taking part in the discussions, but other people who listen to these podcasts, the people who are involved with their care, and the support services.

This is a new and exciting initiative designed to inform effective working practice when working with people with complex needs, to empower people with complex needs to be at the centre of the development of those effective working practices, and to establish informed rights and choices, which enable people to live full and independent lives.

I trust you will support us in this venture, and we welcome any thoughts you may have on this matter, which we will feed into the developmental process, if applicable and relevant. Thank you. Harry. 

Our First Podcast is Part 1 of a discussion about Rights and Choices -

Sunday, 6 August 2017

V8 Engine Model Finally Completed

Some months ago, those involved with Stepping Stone 2to, started making a V8 Engine Model.

See previous post - V8 Engine Model

We finally got to the day of completion and here we're wire up the final connections

Great deal of anticipation for everyone, to see if the engine work.

So many skills were used to complete this complex model. The instructions were not always very clear and all involved worked well together to resolve any problems.
A great achievement for all involved 😄

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Wednesday, 26 July 2017

50th Birthday Celebration

It was my birthday and I wanted to celebrate it with my extended family, the core members of Stepping Stone 2to.

Of course we all wanted to have a photo taken with Harry's new car, Sport Cactus 😂

When I joined Stepping Stone 2to, I was warmly welcomed by the Core Members, who support others that receive a service from the charity as well as receiving support themselves

One part of Stepping Stone 2to is the social networking, and the core members have become an extended family to each other, often spending time together outside of weekly sessions.

Unfortunately due to work and other committements I couldn't get everyone together, but those that shared my birthday, made it a special day for me

It was especially lovely, as they had been planning this event for weeks, knowing it was my 50th, the cards all had personal messages added, which was quite emotional for me.

Lots of laughter, as well discussions about all kinds of subjects, it's never a dull moment.

Thanks to everyone for making my 50th birthday so special and giving me some lovely memories.

There are many more great photos of the day, which followers can see on our Face Book Page -

Monday, 17 July 2017

Personal Image and Bullying

Personal Image is important to how people feel about themselves and their interactions with others, how many of us actually think about Personal Image and get the opportunity to explore this area? 

Stepping Stone 2to want to convey the concept of difference. In order to understand the concept of difference, people need to understand what it means to them, it needs to be personal.

We also look at how difference affects them in every-day life. People with Learning Disabilities/Difficulties have to understand how them being different affects them in the world.

We conveyed to them that difference is natural, and did that by looking at different images of others that they would be considered to be different, and how they connected to those images.
We explored how people felt about difference and how their past had affected their responses.

Part of this process to try to understand why they feel the way they do about difference. We then explored how others would see them as different and how they could react.

The group explore the strategies to deal with discrimination when faced with others reactions to their difference.
The group also work at seeing the difference in themselves and feeling more comfortable within themselves.